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Itinerary Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Your Trip to Nevis Island

Nevis is an island unlike any other in the Caribbean. Here wild donkeys and goats roam across the bitumen and fisherman haul their catch straight out of the ocean and onto the beach. The vibrant colours of the island’s capital Charlestown dance to the rhythm of an ever present Soca beat, and rum punch prowess is always on display at the ramshackle beach bars that hug the coast.


There are so many unique experiences on offer you’ll soon realise that making the most of your trip to Nevis Island is simple. However, keep in mind the mantra of the local population and ‘rush slowly’, you’ve plenty of time to take in the island’s most notable sights.

Explore the Museum of Nevis History

Offering insight into the rich tapestry of Nevis Island’s heritage, the Museum of Nevis History is housed in a Caribbean Georgian building that was built on the foundation of the structure where Alexander Hamilton (the first Secretary of the United States Treasury) was born.


Born into poverty, and scandalously out of wedlock, Hamilton is one of the island’s most notable residents and though his life was short, his story is an inspiring rags to riches tale. In this harbour front building in Charlestown you’ll find a modest assortment of artefacts that showcase his journey to, and ultimate demise in American politics.


The Museum of Nevis History is open from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sundays 9 a.m. to noon. Admission costs US$5 for adults and US$2 for children.

Swim in the Shallows

As the tidal waters of the Caribbean Sea ebb and flow over Nevis’ sandy shores, the island’s coastline undulates and alters under its influence. As such, there are a number of excellent snorkeling and swimming spots where the foundations of old beachfront properties can be explored by breath-hold diving.


Giant conch shells can often be found in the shallows of the now deserted Tamarind Bay, and afront the palm-fringed sands on Paradise Beach the remnants of a once thriving beach bar can be found in the shallows at low tide.


Swim in the waters of Cades Bay between the Chrishi Beach Club and Yachtsman Grill and you’ll find endless soft sand underfoot, whereas the rocky breakwater afront the Four Seasons resort offers endless opportunities to spot some of the Caribbean’s most colourful marine life.

You’ll find plenty of engaging ways to explore Nevis and its neighbouring islands during your stay at The Retreat. Our advice, just make sure you leave enough time

to simply do nothing.

Sail the Narrows

In my opinion there’s no better view of Nevis than those enjoyed when sailing in the channel between the island and its neighbour, St Kitts. Known locally as ‘The Narrows’ this stretch of the Caribbean Sea rises abruptly from around 1000 metres in depth to create a submerged bridge and affords fantastic opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Recognised for their intimate excursions along the shores of St. Kitts and Nevis the crew of Nevis Yacht Charters offer full day, half day, and sunset cruises for up to eight people aboard yacht Feisty; a luxurious, 41-foot sloop built by Hunter Marine of the USA.


While on board guests can relax on deck, snorkel in the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, or take the helm and navigate to secluded coves and picturesque bays. Full day charters also include a choice of a Captain’s lunch aboard or at one of Nevis’ or St Kitts’ vibrant beach bars where sweet soca beats and fresh island fare offer a true taste of the Caribbean.


Secure your preferred date by booking ahead of your arrival on Nevis.

Sail the Narrows

Known for its verdant landscapes Nevis’ volcanic terrain has long been thought to offer therapeutic respite to those who choose to harness its natural commodities. It’s no surprise then that for centuries locals have visited a site in Bath Village where five geothermal springs, said to contain minerals of medicinal value, have eased the pain of once common conditions such as chronic rheumatism and gout.


Today, visitors can still take advantage of the water’s therapeutic properties in purpose built pools where the often scorching temperatures are maintained at around 104 degrees fahrenheit.


Visiting the springs is free of charge although there is a small fee to pay for towel hire should you arrive unprepared.

Soak in the Hot Springs

Soak in the Hot Springs

While there’s much to keep you on Nevis, a day trip to the nearby island of St Barths offers an entirely unique Caribbean experience. Just a short flight aboard a prop plane from the island’s Vance W. Amory International Airport and you’ll find yourself in the eclectic French colony that blends the sophistication of St.-Tropez with the laissez-faire of a Caribbean lifestyle.


The ideal day trip for those who seek a quick hit of European culture, the island’s bars and boutiques are alive with a chic party vibe.


Flight bookings and private charter reservations can be made direct with a number of airlines. See the following websites for details: Tradewinds Aviation, Fly Windies, and Winair.

Fly to St. Barts for the Day

Soak in the Hot Springs

From the seat of an ATV, Nevis’ landscapes take on a whole new perspective; with the wind in your hair and cold refreshments in the cooler the afternoon is yours to explore . Driven by a Funky Monkey tour guide you’ll ride out from their base at Nelson Spring and by the time you return you’ll have circumnavigated the entire island, as well as heading off-road to see its lesser known, hidden gems.


The ruins of once thriving sugar mills, vibrant local villages, an enchanting 18th century stone church, picturesque lookouts, and local rum bars are just some of the sights you’ll take in as your guide shares their intimate knowledge of the island and its rich heritage.

Take an Island Tour

Soak in the Hot Springs

Try the Rum Punch

It’s no secret that the rum punch cocktail is a native of the Caribbean region, but you may be surprised to hear that there are thousands of recipes for this seemingly simple concoction. At beach bars and plantation houses across Nevis family recipes are held in high regard and each is made in the same way it has been for many years.


On arrival at The Retreat you’ll find a pitcher of our own island punch. A potent blend of tropical fruit juices and dark rum, it will help kick start your stay in true island style!


If your supply runs dry, you'll find our favourite rum punch recipes at The Hermitage, where I’m almost certain they blend in mango juice from the fruits that grow on their property, and Sunshine’s, where his punch is aptly named the Killer Bee; avoid that lethal third glass at all costs!


Note that drink driving is an offense on Nevis so if you plan to take in a rum punch tour it is advisable to hire a driver for the day.


Read more about Nevis’ best bars and restaurants here.

Try the Rum Punch

Rising from vast depths beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea, the coastlines of St Kitts and Nevis are fed by nutrient rich waters that flow in from the wider Atlantic Ocean and as such, big game fishing is available year round.


From the pier at Oualie Beach a number of small fishing craft offer full day excursions to the popular reefs which pique the interest of game fish such as wahoo, dorado (mahi mahi/ dolphin), blue marlin, tuna, sailfish, barracuda, and kingfish to name a few.


Try your luck at sea and then share your spoils by grilling the catch of the day on The Retreat’s poolside Viking barbecue.

Catch Fresh Wahoo

Despite its close proximity, local culture on sister island St Kitts differs vastly to that of sleepy Nevis. Defined by its cruise ship culture and much larger population the island beats to a much more mainstream drum than its volcanic neighbour.


A memorable day trip, including St Kitts on your holiday itinerary offers another opportunity to explore Caribbean culture. In my opinion, the historic battlements of Brimstone Hill Fortress and the opulent plantation restaurant Belle Mont Farm at Kittitian Hill are two of the most spectacular sights in the Federation, and the chance to explore them shouldn’t be missed.


It’s worth noting that guests who choose to rent a car on Nevis can travel to St Kitts with their vehicle on the Sea Bridge ferry. Alternatively we could arrange for a private transfer and book a driver to meet you at Reggae Beach on St Kitts.

To view an up-to-date availability calendar, contact us, or make a booking at The Retreat, please click here​.

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